Why Romance?
I've always been a romantic at heart...
Growing up I never dreamed of the fairytale wedding. I was more into the journey of how the couple got there. What was their story? What made them work? Being able to live in a fictional world, even if only for a short while, makes the world feel a little less crazy. I love reading, but only if it has a hint of romance to it. What's life without love? 
Why write?
I've had plenty of people over the years ask "Why did you start writing?"
I hate that question, mostly because I hate the answer. 
I only started writing because I was bored with what I had been reading. Bored? 
So instead of attempting to sit through another book with the same plotline, I took my reading time and turned it into something a little more producive. Was that first series any good? At the time I thought it was brilliant. I've learned over the years the fine tuning art of editing and how it's never done, even when you think it is. I've learned that patience is something you MUST have as an author. Most importantly, I've learned that it's only fun if you're writing what you want to write. A few books ago I realized I wasn't writing for me anymore and it scared me so I made a change. 
I started this for me, I'm doing this for me. 
But I'm incredibly grateful that you're alone for the ride. 
About M. Piper
My first kiss was to a boy that I'll never forget. 
Because he was a jerk. (Don't worry, I didn't marry that one)
I moved out of my parent's basement and in with my then fiance, and since have managed to get married, grow and nurture two small ninja boys and a dog that thinks she's a ninja, and somehow keep the love in our relationship.
The trick?
Be yourself, be honest, and make time for one another. 
I like Fireball Whiskey on the weekends and live off of coffee and smartass remarks seven days a week. Writing comes after the entire family has gone to bed and six a.m. comes early (hence the coffee addiction). 
I don't like long walks on the beach, but if you give me a beach chair and a good book I'll love you forever.