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June 22, 2018
Emotional Contemporary Romance

I've known one thing to be true all of my adult life.
Millie is my girl.
She’s been the sunshine on every cloudy day of mine since the day we met in the back of that truck in high school. People thought we were insane marrying so young. They said we’d never make it. Now, after fifteen years, two kids, a successful career, and an incredibly blessed marriage I feel like I have the world at my fingertips.
Until one day it’s all ripped away from me.
I'll do anything to go back to the life we had.
 Now I’m in the hospital, day in and day out, talking to the shell of my wife, begging her to wake up.
They say she won’t. Everyone’s losing hope, but I can’t.
If it takes me retelling her our life story for the next twenty years I’d do it. Because somewhere in there I know she can hear me. Some people have to go through hell to get their happy-ever-after.
 It’s that same hell that’s threatening to tear ours apart.

Where can you find me?

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As far as books go:

H.Q. Frost and I (writing as Piper Frost) are deep into the Kenshaw Ranch series. We just finished the fourth book and have a fifth and sixth planned out as well as another one outside of the Ranch to write! 
This summer I will be releasing LIFE, the full-length story to my short in the Wild and Windy Anthology and I plan on re-vamping and re-releasing Just Go by the end of August. 

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